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This site is ALWAYS a work in progress. Just a matter of getting the time to add to it... BUT I am really pushing my attention these days to making digital transfers of my tapes almost daily and updating here. Take a look around and you will see the evidence of this. As always thanks for stopping by. Please sign the guestbook. If you leave requests there for audio there it may be a while before I see it. My apologies for that. Best to email me directly at johnf70@icloud.com.



Links added to listen to files uploaded to Mixcloud. Look for the ((Listen)) link in the mixshows pages


New Adds!

10/01/2016 - Three adds from KTBZ. An aircheck from the 107-5 days dated 10/04/1996 and over 4 1/2 hours of the Hurricane Katrina Request-A-Thon from 9/2004 on 94-5. 

6/17/2016 - Just added to the Various Recordings page,  A Friday Night Power Mix show from KRBE Houston dated March 18, 1988

1/7/2014 - Just added the Alternative Static on 93Q tapes I could gather together. I'm certain there are more, just not sure where they are. I do remember recording the 93Q debut with Mike Snow but unable to locate. FYI to those interested in copies of these shows. They are semi-scoped, meaning some songs are cut to save tape in order to fit the entire show on a 45 min side of tape also because this show got very repetitious playing the very same songs every night.. anyone remember Julie Cruise's "Falling"? (theme song to Twin Peaks). EVERY DAMN NIGHT!    


1/2/2014 - Happy New Year! Been fairly busy with transfers. There is a new Various Recordings page that is a list of one off recordings of live shows. All of those have been transfered... and because I was in the holiday spirit I completed the December 1988 tapes of The Saturday Night Power Mix from KRBE. That catalog is complete! KTBZ's December 27 & December 31, 1996 (NYE Bash with DJ Pete Lubie's 4 day mix in progress) are transfered. The Beat Live from The Roxy 1/1/2000 is being recorded right now.

In the Airchecks and Format Changes page the flip of KKRW Houston to Urban has been added.


8/30/2013 - Been kind of busy working on tape transfers! KRBE "Saturday Night Power Mix" tapes are about 95% complete. Now my January 1988 recordings are done as well as all through to December 3rd 1988. KZFM Corpus Christi - Club 54 5/1/1999 & Club One 9/27/2003 available, Some airchecks added to the Aircheck page and some links for your listening pleasure added. Also included a KQQK Galveston, short montage of Promos and IDs I created in 1987 with ListenNow link as well.

6/5/2013 - KRBE The Beat Live from The Roxy page is complete, all tapes are listed.

also digitals transfers of KRBE Trio/Connections undated broadcast and Kaboom nightclub 6/3/1995  debut done over the weekend.

6/4/2013 - Lots 'O adds to the aircheck page. Check em out!

VHS transfers: KRBE Houston "The Beat" Live from The Roxy - 6/15/1996 debut, KRBE Houston "Retro Radio" Live from Boogie Nights 2/4/1997 this one not yet listed on website.

KKBQ Pasadena - All Netwerk/CPR tape transfers nearly complete.


5/11/2013 - KRBE Houston "The Saturday Night Standard" Live from The Roxy. New Mixshow page!  

2/11/2013: VHS transfer of "104 KRBE - The Beat Live from The Roxy" Host: Roula Christie 10/02/1999. Not yet listed in the KRBE mixshow catalog.  

2/8/2013 - More transfers! Finally got the HiFi 4 head VCR I needed

KHMX Houston "Paul Christy's 80's Friday Night Live from Boogie Nights [Debut - 05/10/1996] [WAV & 320k mp3], KHMX Houston "Roula & Ryan In the Morning [Debut - 01/13/2003] [WAV]


Update (10/4/2012): KKBQ's D2R (detour) & DV8 shows all now in WAV format. I've uploaded a few of these broadcasts to Mixcloud. You can find them here: http://www.mixcloud.com/djrage/

5/14/2012 - Over the last 6 months I have been working to digitally preserve my Ocean Club recordings from KRBE. Currently the Feb through July 1988 shows are stored digitally and available for immediate copies. 

Recent adds to the Aircheck/Format Changes page! (as of 12/7/2011)

Recent add: (12/2/2011) KNRJ Houston - Alternative Static (March 29, 1990 Edition) .wav format

JUST ADDED: Sharkdance Live On 93Q 3/22/2010 - Shelter 3/23/2010 



This site is a catalog of all the recordings I've made and stuff I've collected from Houston radio over the years.

If you see a recording (or recordings) you would like. Drop me an email. I collect airchecks, format changes, and live nightclub mixshows from Houston radio. If you have any I will do even swaps. I'm not limited to just trading Houston stuff. I will take airchecks from other cities. If you have any club mixshows (Houston and other cities) I will take those too. Let me know if you see anything you like.