Kiss 98.5 Live from Hullabaloo

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KHYS Port Arthur / KJOJ Freeport Houston
98.5 FM / 103.3 FM
KYHS logo 1997

Kiss 98-5/Kiss Again 103-3 - Club Kiss Live from Hullabaloo
716 1/2 Houston Blvd - South Houston, TX 77587
Hosted By The G-Man
DJ: Mix Master Ray
Aired: March 30, 1997 - ??
Broadcast Schedule: 
Saturdays 10pm - 2am
Genre of Music: Mainstream dance, latin, hip-hop
Media: Hi-Fi VHS Tape
Source: Over the air broadcast

 Date Recorded

Duration [in hrs] 

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Complete recording? 

 March 30, 1997

 4 hrs

 1 Hi Fi VHS Tape/ LP 4hrs

 Premier broadcast