Club EDR @ T-Town 2000

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KTHT Cleveland / Houston
97.1 FM
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Hot 97-1 Live from T-Town 2000 in Club EDR
6400 Richmond Avenue - Houston, TX 77057
Hosted By Jammin' Jimmy Olsen
DJ: X-Ray
Aired: ??/2002 - ??/2002
Broadcast Schedule: 
Saturday nights 10pm - 2am
Genre of Music: Hip hop, current dance hits
Media: HiFi VHS Tape
Source: Over the air broadcast

Date Recorded 

Duration [in hours]

# of tapes 


Complete recording? 

February 23, 2002

4 hrs

1 VHS/LP - 4 hrs

recording also contains commerical breaks - especially recorded as I was in the house with (ex)wife and family from Corpus Christi


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